Costly Night In The Clinker

I was so mad at myself one night because it was the worst night of my entire life. It started out so perfect with dinner and then drinks at the bar. I had booked a date with a Middlesbrough escorts companion that was amazing! My room that I booked was on the fifth floor and I think we covered every inch of that room. As the night continued to go on it was very late and we ran out of beer so I offered to run over to the store before they closed.

Instead of walking across the street I had decided to drive my car over and I ended up getting pulled over. Of course I was given a drunk driving and stayed the rest of the weekend in jail. I contacted the companion when I got out and apologized and paid her the money that I owed her.

Verbal Seduction

I don’t know what was it about her voice, but Alexis knew exactly how to drive me wild. We were talking on the phone for a few days, and everything started innocent enough. I was single and looking for attention, so I sent her request on MySpace. I guess my pictures did it for her, because she couldn’t stop talking about my lips. She was an older woman, but from the pictures I saw her body was incredible and I wild thoughts about what I would do to her would always enter my mind. One day our phone conversation was getting pretty intense, but she had this rule about not having fuck buddy phone sex. I decided to push my luck and one thing led to another till I had her breaking all her rules. It turns out she was just testing me to see if I knew how to take control.

Bought Me A Jitterbug Plus

The cell phone that I purchased lasted me about 6 years and it was time for a new one. I noticed that most of my friends were getting new phones but they were paying top dollar for them. They all get on the internet and check their emails and Facebook all day long. I really am not into that and I was just looking for a good quality phone.

My Newcastle escorts companion recommended for me to get a Jitterbug Plus phone just like hers. She went on to tell me how great their service was and that she was a long time customer. I figured that I would give it a try because it was an affordable service. When I got my phone they also threw in a free car charger, which I use all the time! I am always on the go and travel quite a bit for work.

My Lucky Day

Every Wednesday is my garbage day and I do all of my yard work for the week, I have had this little routine for a couple of years. I get up really early and cut my front grass which doesn’t take the long, I have a small front yard. The back yard takes me forever because it is huge and I have to pick up mounds of dog waste that gathers from the week before. When I am done mowing, I get my weed whip and blower out to make my yard look beautiful.

When I was taking my trash out to the curb a woman walking down the street started talking and flirting with me, which I found odd. She asked me out and informed me that she was a Leeds escorts companion trying to get clients. The best part is that she said my first session would be free and then she would charge me for any others that I was interested in.

Old Friend Reunion

Over the weekend I was signing my son up for tee ball and I ran into an old friend. She was signing her children up to play as well. We started talking and eventually ended up exchanging our phone numbers. Surprisingly, she only lives a couple of miles from my home and our kids go to school together.

She ended up calling me the same night that I gave her my number and wanted to know if I wanted to go our for awhile. I wasn’t doing anything so I agreed to meet her at a local pool hall for some drinks. While we were shooting a game of pool she told me that she works for the Manchester escorts company. I was very shocked because she was always the stuck up and snobby type in high school. The future will only tell what is going to go one between us, I am excited!